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The Center for Innovative OT Solutions

The Center for Innovative OT Solutions (CIOTS) is committed to promoting occupation-centered occupational therapy (OT) services through the development of standardized evaluations of occupational performance and occupational therapy models of practice, and the implementation of occupational therapy outcomes research.

As part of that commitment, we

  • Develop client-centered and occupation-based evaluation tools used to evaluate the quality of a person’s occupational performance. Examples include
    • Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) – an observation-based evaluation of a person’s quality of performance of relevant, chosen, and prioritized personal or domestic activities of daily living tasks
    • Evaluation of Social Interaction (ESI) – an observation-based evaluation of a person’s quality of social interaction during natural social exchanges with typical social partners
    • School Version of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (School AMPS) – a classroom-based observational evaluation of a student’s quality of performance of relevant schoolwork tasks
  • Develop occupation-centered models for practice. A primary example includes
    • Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model (OTIPM) – an occupation-centered model that guides occupational therapists in the process of implementing and documenting occupation-based and/or occupational-focused services for the clients they serve
  • Provide continuing education courses for occupational therapists focused on various aspects of implementing occupation-based and/or occupation-focused practice. Our courses include rater training for the AMPS, ESI, and School AMPS as well as courses on implementing the OTIPM in practice.
  • Implement research and provide consultation related to (a) the development and validation of occupational therapy assessment methods, (b) understanding the dynamic nature of occupational performance, and (c) evaluating the efficacy of occupational therapy interventions.

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